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My promise to you

Good Luck with That was started because I was tired. Tired of the internet, jam-packed with images of perfect lives -- style, kids, homes and thighs. I was over the twenty to forty something bloggers, who have amazing advice and style for, well, twenty to forty year old women. But at midlife, I felt it was time for an upgrade. As I prepare to send my last kid out of the house, I have a choice. Take the attitude of what's left? - or what's next? Join me on this adventure of navigating midlife with style and grace. I promise to be real. I promise to tell it like it is. I promise to fill you in on what worked and more importantly, what didn't. Because let's be honest - glam is great, staged is lovely. But, in (my)reality, there are days when life hits me like a two-ton truck of potato chips and all I want is to binge watch Hallmark Christmas movies. So, grab your best sweats and a cup of coffee and let's take this midlife on - together. 

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