I’m that mom next door. You know the one that you think has it all wrapped up with a sparkly bow. 

And then the bow unravels and you see the real person – yep, that’s me. 

Working hard to be a good mom and wife.

Trying her best when life becomes disorganized.

Handling those anxious moments of teens and college kids with faith and a little brandy.

I have the best husband. (No, really. He’s pretty awesome and he gets me.)

I have THE. BEST. DOG. (might be better than my husband. LOL)

I have one boy in college and one a senior in high school. They are everything. (even though I listed the dog before the boys)

I have great friends. Honest to goodness, have my back, tell me the truth, call me out – friends. 

And, this blog is for me. For us. For you. Because as midlife (49) approaches and I think about where I’ve been and what I’ve done, I can’t help but wonder “what’s next?”

The nitty gritty: I have a Master’s degree and worked as a speech language pathologist for over 6 years. I am currently writing my first novel – a cozy mystery. I live in the snowiest city in in the USA. I believe in positive thinking, neuroplasticity, exercise, chocolate and most of all, in my family. 

Although the title can be taken several ways, I really do wish everyone good luck with their endeavors, their goals and their visions for life. Maybe, just maybe, I can help on this journey and something I say here will offer a bit of insight – or just a laugh. If anything, I hope I brighten your day. 

Love and Luck,


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