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Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. ~ Brene Brown 

Happy Typewriter Day!

There is nothing quite like the sound of a typewriter. The clicking keys, the bell and return, the way the carriage glides across the paper with each letter stroked. I learned how to type on a manual typewriter the summer of 1984. I distinctly recall receiving a B in that summer class because in order to push the far keys down with enough force, I had to move my hand away from the starting position. Despite the grade, I was hooked. 36 years later, I am still enamored with the clickety-clack keys of a manual typewriter and have taken to resurrecting the old-fashioned form of writing with my grandfather's Olympia SM4 bought in 1960. It's a beauty! I'm in love. My kids, not so much. They are not as enthralled with the sound of a typewriter first thing in the morning, but give it time, it may grow on them. A collection of typewriters would be a fantastical idea - with the cost of a refurbished, working machine ranging anywhere from $150-$800 and up (for rare or vintage models).  To check out the beauties that I am currently stalking from afar go to @colombocollection and @jotandtittletypewriters on Instagram. For now, I am going to stick with this baby blue number, a new ribbon, and a first draft to write - no editing allowed. Find more pics of my typewriter on my Instagram account. 

Move and Groove 

Give props to the companies that offered free services during the pandemic. Keeping it local and loving every downward dog and Shavasana, I have been checking in with yogaErie's Instagram account and their live (at-home) broadcasts. Not only have they offered a variety of free classes both on social media and on their website, but they have been keeping the peace in body, mind and spirit with their daily inspirational quotes.

A little Lao-Tzu goes a long way. 

Move and Groove with yogaErie here:


The Scoop

If you haven't made a recipe by Half Baked Harvest, you don't know what you're missing. I have tried at least 5 of her recipes, and each one has not only been a cinch to create but are also incredibly delicious. Two thumbs up from the Geiger boys! 

Photo taken from @halfbakedharvest 

Half Baked Harvest

Lemon Butter Ravioli with Garlic Basil Breadcrumbs

Off the (book)Shelf

June was to be our first book club for the Good Luck with That blog - but the mystery/thriller I chose in conjunction with the daily news was, well - just a bit too much. I apologize to anyone who started the Louise Penny novel - (trust me it's wonderful) we will plan on reviewing that for August. For July - I am going old-school beach reads with a new title from infamous island author herself Elin Hilderbrand. Grab that fruity drink, a stainless steel straw, your EWG approved sunscreen and Hilderbrand's 28 Summers. 28 Summers is available at Walmart, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Did someone say murder? Louise Penny captures her readers with the incomparable images of Three Pines and the astute detective work of Chief Inspector, Armand Gamache. After reading my first Penny book, The Great Reckoning, I quickly backtracked to the first in the series and met Gamache as Penny introduced him. The latest read, Kindgdom of the Blind was published in 2018. Check it out of the library (Libby app), grab it on kindle ($9.99) or borrow from a friend. Review and discussion next month. Read along and follow updates here. 

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