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5 Steps to Conquering your 2020 Goals

PART 2 of the "Sexy" goal-setting techniques for the new decade and today I am breaking down the amazing advice of Brendon Burchard and his take on Winning 2020.


Even though it's January 45th -- (why does this month seem so long?) it's never too late to attempt something new. Before setting a goal the same, boring way that we always do, I am taking a look at how 3 top performers plan (and achieve) their goals for the year. Take a peek at last week's Jay Shetty recap here.

This next review is from the energetic Brendon Burchard. His youtube video focuses on kicking your goals and life into high gear. Sidenote: I did need to listen to this video several times for effective and accurate note-taking. This dude talks fast with a TON of information. He has some fantastic one-liners and takeaways that definitely required hitting the rewind button. 

1) Establish quarterly, weekly, daily goals. Not sure where I've been for the last 49 years, but attaching a quarterly calendar to personal goals is new to me. I first utilized the quarterly method when following the HB90 Bootcamp for writers as outlined here. Burchard asks the audience - are your goals clear, concise, and intentional?

He suggests that you work backward and create a blueprint of the year, break that down into quarters then into a weekly plan. Burchard questions - are you living in a goal-based plan?


Are you starting Monday with clarity about Friday? This is a unique vision for looking at the week. Burchard uses words like block(time), blueprint, and architect, which offers the audience a sense of creativity. We are the engineers of our time; we are the architects of our goals. 


2) Morning work prep. Slightly different than a morning routine (you can see mine here), Burchard's am prep begs the question,"how could I fulfill this day with excellence?" Burchard recommends visualizing the day as complete, all items checked off, all daily goals met. This technique solidifies the success of daily planning. As you can tell from all the questions Burchard poses to the listener - this video is not a nonchalant listen. This is a grab-your-notebook and get busy video.

3) Block time for socials. Mindblowing information coming at you.


Studies prove, the phone (although it has useful properties) not only creates a "weapon of major distraction," it is also a mind-numbing, black hole for time. Burchard dives deep into the math of using our phones without thought or purpose. 

30 minutes/day on social media = 3.5 hours /week = 22 workdays

60 minutes/day on social media = 7 hours/ week = 44 workdays = almost 2 months! And so on. 

Take a minute. Really, take a minute. 

We all know what happens.

Instagram leads to an ad, which leads to searching for those stacked boots with leopard fur, which leads to Pinterest to see how it's styled. Only to find that the boots don't come in your size. So, you head to Facebook, where, (amazingly enough) similar items pop-up in your feed, so you click on that. An hour goes by, you haven't posted your scheduled blog. You haven't liked any of the pics your friends posted and, you still have to check your emails.


Strategic planning and productivity goals squash the cycle of social media IF you are disciplined enough to leave the phone alone. 

4) If I had to double the thing that I'm doing, what would I do? Wise words from Burchard lead off his 4th point in this video. If you had to double your income for one week, double your productivity, what would you do and how would it get done? Here, Burchard takes that productivity and daily planning one step further and asks the audience to delegate and eliminate where necessary. What is essential vs. nonessential? 

5) Talk with leaders weekly about performance. Similar to Shetty, Burchard suggests the importance of learning and growing. If we are unaware of our progress, our shortcomings, or our successes, how can we achieve our goals? 

Burchard amps up the goal-setting technique by looking at the year as a whole, denying the possibility of stagnation and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. His method definitely has the heart of a business-based model. Concrete and streamlined, Burchard's video speaks to the realist, the list-maker, the planner. 

This video is worth a listen, maybe more than once, to really grasp his model.

Next week, I will be breaking down one of my all time favorite, go-to, media sensation/motivational speaker's goal-setting methods -- Marie Forleo.

Thank you for reading and shoot me a comment on my Facebook, Instagram or on the blog.

Love and Luck,



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