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Updated: Oct 2, 2019


I've already done this. This senior year dance between parents and students. It isn't pretty. There are a lot of stepping on (my)toes, of forgotten moves, of dancing off tempo.

But here's the deal, this is it. This could be the last year that you have your child at home for the entire year. Think about that.

So, in the vein of FOMO (fear of missing out for you mid-lifers not on social media), I have decided that whatever my son suggests - I'm game! I am saying, yes.


OK, back it upwithin reason - I'm game! 

I mean, don't ask me to skydive or go to a haunted house or anything ridiculous.

But, you want to get Thai food on a Tuesday night - let's go!

You want to go for a hike around the lake - lace up those sneakers!

Watch an (inappropriate)funny movie on Netflix - get the popcorn, I'm in.

You want me in your life for a few seconds - I will take that any day, any time.

Because this is it, parents. This is senior year.


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