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Hindsight is 20/20

If we squint a bit, change our view, stand on our head...the last 60 days had some high points.

1. Playing rummy with Luke before dinner.

2. Reading - during the day.

3. Cooking with help from both boys. Or, better yet, having them make dinner from something they found on Pinterest.

4. Realizing the friends I missed (and sending a text to check in).

5. Appreciating the friends that missed me (who sent a text to check in).

6. Reconnecting with college friends on Zoom.

7. Teaching a few more life lessons - bleach white clothes only.

8. Watching Tiger King as a family.

9. Watching Masterpiece Theater as a family after Tiger King. (Unforgotten - highly recommend it)

10. Being together with the boys - all the time, in every room, piled on the sofa, (dog included) - before we are empty nesters.

I hope we can emerge from our shelters with limited repercussions as we re-open society.

I wish you all health and safety.

Love and Luck,



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