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Last Goal Setting Advice EVER!

I'm bored with January.

I'm bored with goals.

I feel it is necessary to complete the 3rd and final post for this blog - but I get it - you're bored too. Stick with me on this last goal-setting venture because Marie Forleo is ALL kinds of fantastic and relatable and worthy of our attention. (And NOT just to admire her awesome hair).

Let's dive in - to the last post about goals - EVER!!

In the same vein as her NYT's best selling book, Everything is Figureoutable, Forleo takes on goals like she takes on everything else, there is a solution to getting it done. 

Forleo cites some relevant sources in her video, which gives her information and stats the credibility it deserves. 


54% of all resolutions fail after 6 months (


So, how do we combat the faulty resolution system? We call them goals, and we approach each goal with a specific mindset and task.

1) Write it down. Forleo states that according to Dr. Gail Matthews, we are more likely to achieve our goals by 42% IF we write them down. Grab that journal and your favorite pen, and write away. Goals written down and looked at daily results in greater focus. Forleo even explains how she wrote down her goal of becoming a NYT bestselling author 15 times daily. What she wanted to focus on created her priority for the day. 

2) Schedule time, place, and back-up plan. All three goal guru's have stated this procedure in their information. Have a plan. A real plan, not just a haphazard list that is written on a scrap of paper. Forleo notes that the odds of success doubles/triples when you decide when/where a goal will take place. Let's go back to the running example. When will I run? Where? If my original plan is to hoof it outside for 3 miles, but the inclement weather is just too much to bear, what is the contingency plan? Forleo likes to have a back-up plan for these moments. Don't allow the change of plans to waylay the progress. Which, we all know, is SO easy to do. 

3) Send updates to a friend. Having an accountability person/partner increases your chance of success by 95%. 

This deserves repeating. 

Having an accountability person increases your chance of success by 95%.

I'm sold! And I get it. If I am supposed to write 1K words/day and report those numbers to an accountability partner, I would be more likely to meet this goal - out of friendship, pride, love, ego... 

Forleo's video is straightforward, entertaining, and well, just (adorable) her. I liked the quick watch. I liked that it wasn't too complicated, and I appreciated the statistics that backed up her information. 


We are three weeks (it's not the 100th day of January even though it feels like it) into 2020. My goals are written on a piece of paper but not strategically outlined.

They aren't terribly "sexy", but that was the purpose behind this post.

Finding a way to attack 2020 with some oomph, some verve, something that will get the goals done. I was in search of releasing the LTG/STG // SMART goal mentality that, quite honestly, had me stagnant in the past year and had me being part of that statistic of making the same resolution yet again.

I was looking for something to spice up my goal setting technique, and by taking away a few procedural methods from each individual mentioned, I believe I can create a personalized approach based on my strengths and personality.

I know that I will not make a yearly blueprint. I know that I like a contingency plan. I also know that my phone is a weakness.

Because hindsight is 20/20.

Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

It is time to uplevel. 2020 is midlife, and this midlife deserves an upgrade. 

What do you want to upgrade in 2020? 

I would like to thank you all for reading, following and sharing the posts that I have written. I asked my social media "family" for a favor the other day (which I debated about) and holy-cow did you guys come through!! I am so grateful!! You are the best. Check it out on my instagram here.

Love and Luck,



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