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MY Expanded 10 x 10 Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

December has me exhausted.

I know it's December 3rd. I don't care.

The stress of holiday shopping (not a single present bought) has my head spinning with deals and steals, pop-up discounts that flash across the screen, and the reality that another quarter-zip sweater is going to make for a ho-hum present under the tree.

Have I decorated the house? Surely, you jest. That task requires a bit more coffee, a few spare hours, a color theme, and a strategic plan.

The already hectic flurry of December tasks would not be complete without basketball season - which begins this weekend. And this, folks, is it. Senior year!


I plan on having the flattest, bleacher-butt, poor posture, achy lower back by March because I am not missing a thing.


Get the bag of lucky Tootsie-Pops. This is it.

When the days of December start closing in like the trash compactor in Star Wars IV, I need to simplify everything else in my life, especially my wardrobe. The feeling of sheer panic rushes over me when I am standing in the middle of my closet, to-do list running a loop in my head, looking at nothing in particular, nothing that seems awesome, comfortable, or fashionable. But I have to get dressed. (yep, have to.)

This is when I rely on my 10x10 wardrobe.

A 10x10 wardrobe is simply, 10 items for 10 days. These are interchangeable pieces, ones that mix & match to make more than one outfit. Everything works together seamlessly.

They are Garanimals for adults. (no tag needed)

What's great about this idea? There is no thinking involved.

You have already done the outfit planning before setting up your 10-day wardrobe.

Won't everyone notice? Funny enough - no! I once completed the 333 Project, which is wearing the same 33 clothes for 3 months - and guess what? Not one person noticed. And, no one will notice your fantastic pairings of 10 items. (email me if they do!) Everyone is so ultra-absorbed with their own lives that the white blouse you have now worn for a week is the least of their concerns. Don't get me wrong - styling is crucial. I am not saying to wear the same outfit for 10 days. Mix it up!

Modify, edit, and, most importantly, make do with what you have.

This is not an essay about buying items for your new 10 x 10 wardrobe. I am not encouraging or suggesting that you go out and buy the clothes I have listed below. If anything-I hope you can scroll on past those LikeToKnow posts, close your eyes to the 20% off of $200 and ignore the swipe up links to bloggers' favorite brands. This wardrobe challenge can be completed with what you currently have, what you are wearing right now. Don't shop online - shop your closet instead.

Disclaimer #1 - I am not tech-savvy, which we have all learned. (the hard way) The images below are NOT of my clothes, but of items similar to what I currently own. Staging outfits for photos is an art that I have definitely not mastered.

Disclaimer #2 - I do have a few more than 10 items, but I am also going to try and extend this wardrobe for a full two weeks (or longer). I do think it's that versatile. And, I added in some fancier pieces, like a tulle skirt, for a holiday party I know we have to attend.

Disclaimer #3 - I do not include shoes or coats in my wardrobe challenge because these pieces are strictly determined according to weather. If I need a down jacket and Uggs, a wool hat, ski mask, and goggles to go to the grocery store - these should not count against me. In the same respect, jewelry is not included since it is dependent on the occasion.

Disclaimer #4 - Let's be honest. I am usually in exercise clothes if I don't have to leave the house. I have a great pair of Lululemon tights, Reebok dupes, which I love just as much, a black turtleneck, and an Athleta sweatshirt which you will find me wearing pretty much-every day. Ugg slippers complete the look and it's a winner!

You can tell a few things about me from these clothes -

1) I LOVE a turtleneck. Think Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give - I would wear them all day every day - in the summer I wear sleeveless turtlenecks.

2) I like a stripe. Eh - what can I say. I'm not into a ton of pattern. I feel it's overwhelming. But here's the great thing - this is MY wardrobe - not yours. You like a crazy Pucci pattern - go for it! You be you.

3) The tiger tee - let me explain. The things we do to support (embarrass) our kids. Go Tigers! Can be worn by itself with jeans, with a turtleneck under it, with the blazer over it... ooh! I'm getting into it now.

4) The items may look simple at first glance, however, if I pair the Breton, tulle skirt, blazer and a silk scarf as a belt - Ta-da! OR the black jeans, black turtleneck, floral blouse and wallabees - Yep! you get the idea.

I will be posting the specific outfits each day on my instagram account.

Let me know what you would pair together.

This gives you an idea of how I simplify the month of December in my own way. This is how I embrace a bit of minimalism and try to gain a tad more control over a month that can easily have me diving down the rabbit hole of Hallmark movies and "not enough" - time, presents, holiday cheer...

This is enough. So - try it! Try your 10 x 10, 15 x 15, whatever works for you.

It's all in how you work with what you have.

Isn't life always that way?

Love and Luck,



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