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Shall We Dance?

The aftermath of the holidays has officially begun. Empty boxes with crumpled tissue paper sit under the tree, trays of cookies half-covered tempt to derail the detox you swore you would start this morning, and the stifled breath that hung mid-clavicle for the last month does a deep dive into your lungs. You can, once again, breathe. 

The lull between Christmas and New Year's is one of my favorite weeks. There is a sense of rebirth that initiates as soon as the rush of the holidays ends. It could be a let-down if you allow the release of adrenaline to escape without notice. Or, you could recognize the moment as an opportunity to relax and renew. The new year is upon us and with that brings my favorite things: planning, goal-setting, and resolutions. 

Yes, I said resolutions. (Don't roll your eyes at me)

I realize that resolutions have received a bad rap lately. I get it. It's hard to set a goal that is supposed to cover you like a weighted blanket, offering new hope and ease. But, instead of bringing a sense of calm, this blanket statement provides nothing but high energy for a month or two, and then a high dose of anxiety. 

When something doesn't work, but we like the idea - we rename it. New pseudo-resolutions take form as mantras, words, and themes. We can have bracelets made, We can ask, "what's your word? " instead of "what's your resolution?" It is a similar process wrapped up in a different format. Set a goal, set an idea, set an expression of intention - no matter how you put a bow on the process, it is still, in a sense, designing a resolution. 

And I am setting one. I have given up on the vague, overestimating, inflated goals of years' past that I knew would never be achieved merely because the calendar page had flipped to a new date. I don't believe in setting myself up for failure, and I highly recommend that to all my friends (yes, if you follow my blog, I consider you a friend). I prefer for my New Year's resolutions, in the words of KonMari, to spark joy. And who doesn't need a little more joy?

For the year 2020, shall we resolve to do something that offers more peace, comfort, and happiness? Instead of learning something new or stressing our brains and bodies with an unachievable task, what would happen if we invited joy into every day? No folding method required. 

What would happen if we took time each day - a minute, five, twenty, to do what makes us smile, to do what transforms our mood our soul?

What would you choose? 

Read, write, sing, clean, walk, play a sport.


What allows you to slip into a mindless state, a meditation of sorts? I do believe everyone has an activity that offers this freedom, this expression. Read the beachy novel, write in rhyme, sing off tune, clean (I guess), walk to your beat, to your thoughts, play to win.

And, dance -- like no one is watching - shake those hips and dance.  

These may seem superficial or not lofty enough. I beg to differ. Do you want to begin each day knowing that you can't eat carbs or have to run two miles? ( and if this brings you joy - by all means, go for it!) Do you really want to wake up with the feeling of a dark cloud looming over you because of a self-imposed expectation? Or, do we go into 2020 with the hope that we "get" to dance every single day. We "get" to listen to music that connects with our hearts. We "get" to read and walk and play. Flip the script of what we get to do and then do that with joy. 

Sure, I could have said,  Write every day for one hour, or write 1500 words, or train for a marathon, or reduce carbs to 30% ( I just said that I have no idea about carbs) ... or something along those lines. But these are goals. These are multi-faceted, long-term, short-term, measurable, and objective goals. Remember - I was a speech therapist, goal-setting is my (jam)thing. Goal-setting, or as I like to call it, goal-getting, will be next week's blog post. I know you're excited. 

Choosing a resolution that isn't qualified by time or percentage allows for freedom and success. This style of resolution isn't objectively measured - it simply IS. Don't measure it - do it. Everything and anything counts, for 366 days - challenge yourself.

We have less than a week until the roar of the 20's hits. We have a week to decide how we are going to approach this decade - with trepidation, anxiety, anticipation, or excitement. Will you pick a resolution? Will you choose a word or theme? Will you do all three or none of the above? There is no right answer, only what is right for you. 

So - shall we dance?

Move the furniture.

Start the music. 

Turn it up. 


I hope everyone has a beautiful, safe, and joyous 2020. 

I wish your days to be filled with an upbeat rhythm and a year of perfect tempo. 

Happy New Year! 

Love and Luck,


I would love to know what YOU want to read about in 2020. Which posts did you enjoy the most? What topics would you like to discuss? Informative? Personal? Creative? Please shoot me an email at, send me a message on Instagram or Facebook, comment directly on the blog. A huge thank you to everyone for reading and sharing.  


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