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A Conversation about Drugs

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Screen shot taken from @doc_amen on Instagram. Thank you to Dr. Amen for sharing his incredible knowledge and research of the brain. His research deals with ADD/ADHD, Alzheimers, concussion syndrome and therapy and drugs/alcohol abuse and the brain -- just to name a few.


January felt like one of those trains that crawl along the tracks, inching towards its final destination only to screech to a halt on car 52 (because who doesn't count the cars?).

January stalled and moved in reverse.

February - now, February is moving along nicely. The calendar is penciled in with basketball, senior nights, big birthdays ranging from #1 - #103!

And it's when life is coasting, when issues from your kids, which would be minuscule usually, are made monumental because that's the drama of NO drama.

Before we turn a snub at the lunch table or a failing grade into a catastrophic event (which I have been known to do on occasion), let's check in with our kids about something that really matters.


There is no guarantee.

I know this.

There is no way of knowing what your teen/college-aged child is doing ALL the time. (Life 360 is creepily good, but not that good)

There is never that perfect moment to talk about drinking and drugs - but, the opportune time is now.

Several years back, I submitted this article to Grown and Flown, which they published in their online journal.

There is no guarantee that addiction will not take hold.

There is no guarantee that our kids will listen or heed our advice.

But at least we have today to remind them, one more time, that they are worth more than what drugs bring to the table.

How do you talk to your kids about drinking and drugs?



With the legalization of marijuana ( a gateway drug) both medically, and in some states recreationally, there is controversy about if this legalization will increase the use of stronger drugs (cocaine, meth, heroine). It is also debated whether nicotine and alcohol are considered to be gateway substances as well. This study is worth a read



Thanks for reading,

Love and luck,



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