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Scrolling Instagram, I am inundated with posts from bloggers and influencers who are promoting brands, workshops, books, and usually, in my case, clothes. #sweaterseason

But in the world of parenting...

Aren't we the #ultimateinfluencers ? Aren't we the ones that we hope our children will "buy into"? Don't we "post" what we want them to see or not to see as they scroll through life?

We influence the way our children look at the world, other people, and themselves.

How we behave is the ultimate influence.

How we speak is the gauge by which they measure meaning behind words.

How we interact with others is the cornerstone of how they develop their relationships with friends, colleagues, professors.

How and what we influence changes as our children mature. From encouraging sharing as a toddler to not sharing(don't share!) too much on Snapchat as a teen - we evolve.

In this social-media-crazed world -- how do we influence our children now?

I want to influence my boys to : Pick up a book.

Always spend within their means.

Be gentlemen.

Stand when someone needs a seat.

Be polite and pragmatic in the face of contradiction.

Consider that you don't know anyone else's story.

Carry a book.

Know that you are capable of hard work.

Work until the job is done.

Good enough is never good or enough.

Family will always have your back.

Be THAT friend.

Learn from books.

Learn from life.

All learning is valuable and priceless - if you absorb it.

Be a good brother.

Have a plan.

Don't leave anyone behind.

Know where the exits are at all times.

Moderation. In all things, moderation.

Eat well, sleep well, break a sweat daily.

Put your phone down - seriously - put your phone down!

And, read a book.

If we, as parents, are the #ultimateinfluencers -

What are we selling and who is buying it?

Would love to hear in the comments below how you hope to influence your children.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Luck,

Kg I am so grateful to all of the readers. To everyone who has shared, posted, or sent me a personal note -- when I say it means the world to me -- it truly does. Thank you! (Please note that I respect influencers and have scrolled and clicked my way right into some amazing products/books that were reviewed by my favorite bloggers or celebrities. I only follow a handful of fashion or style bloggers like - @megantamte, @busbeestyle, @seersuckerandsaddles, @jessannkirby, and of course my ultimate favorites @candacecbure & @reesewitherspoon) A style post is coming!


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