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Vulnerability in a Pandemic

What have we learned in our isolation?  Along with the loneliness, there has been solitude, or quite possibly, chaos that came with our stay at home order. At this time, did you experience a state of... vulnerability.

Vulnerability is defined "as the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being harmed, either physically or emotionally".


I have been isolated for 45 days now. Isolated with two boys and a dog that predict my every move. They are on my heels like a toddler with a grocery cart. Forty-five days of monotony - of laundry, cooking, cleaning, decluttering, reading - with the underlying rumble in the belly that I should be doing something MORE.

More writing, more posting on social media, building my audience, building a "brand" ( I SO don't have a brand) And not that I have been lazying around eating bon bons like in a Kate Chopin novel. I have designed and outlined. Yet, just as this case of COVID haze is about to lift, I find myself in the sweet spot of creation - in a state of vulnerability.

As Brown describes, vulnerability is this idea "that in order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen" (ted.com).

We know reality doesn't happen much on Instagram.

The blemishes of real life are buffed out and a fine-pixelated-filter of perfection sweeps over the images of every day.

But in this solitary state of stay at home, clutching Oreos in one hand and my third cup of coffee in the other, I am finally embracing the place of vulnerability that initiates change.

And change is excruciating. Vulnerability is uncomfortable.

What you DO with what you HAVE is the awe-inspiring, authentic, and brave nature of your soul.

We have 8 more days in this unique situation - what shall we create?

Love and Luck,



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