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What I'm Loving this Week

Think He's Bored?

Hello - anyone out there? Does anyone know what day it is? Let's be honest here, I don't have a great story or funny anecdote - because I am at home, with my kids, ALL DAY LONG. And if I really want to be truthful - there is a lot of "why is Jake studying there?" "When can I play the Xbox?" "Who is cleaning the kitchen?" The banalities of our daily life would bore you. There is way too much time (eating) in the kitchen, (eating while) on our phones, (eating and) watching Netflix. Hours are blending into days, which are melding into one time-elapsed replay in slow motion. BUT, this "ordinary" has led to something I didn't even realize was missing.


I found it in the oddest of places, and somewhere I've been before. RUNNING Let's get this straight. I am not a runner. Never have been. I ran briefly for tennis training ages ago when my legs moved much faster, and my joints didn't scream at me. I am slow - like a 12-minute mile slow. Even with the pace of molasses, this (jog)run allows me to find the rhythm that has been missing since our stay at home order began. Running has allowed me to rediscover my breath. The inhale - run - two-three - exhale becomes mindless like a metronome swinging back and forth to the beat of how your body feels that day. Once you hit the stride of steps and breath, there is an unstoppable momentum. There isn't thinking, or doing, just being. There is control without trying. Perhaps this is what is lacking in my(our) COVID world - control.

Maybe running is key to finding my(our) direction.

Now, who's turn is it to clean the kitchen?

Wishing you all health, love and luck,

Kg Music is a HUGE part of my running because if I actually hear myself breathe - I am done for. Headphones and my fav Spotify playlist help me through a few miles. I mean -- who doesn't love 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton?

Working on a new look for the blog - recommendations of what I'm listening to, reading, cooking, following. Short and sweet to your inbox with links to all my fav things at the moment. Stories still included. How does that sound? Shoot me a comment here or on my social media and let me know. Thanks!


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